Taking Stock – Whitby

Copyright - Ian Thraves

During a recent two day family trip to Yorkshire, I was faced with little time, heavy rain showers and grey skies, together with an over-saturated travel market.  I therefore decided to try something different.  I was amazed at the results of two scenes taken at Whitby, both 20 minutes to half an hour after sunset.  To the naked eye, the scene looked almost pitch black.  The camera used was a Nikon D2x on a tripod, exposure time approximately 20 seconds.  Although most agencies are well stocked with shots from the Whitby area, these will hopefully stand out from the crowd.  The other two daytime images are classic scenes taken at Staithes. Again, there are many photos like these on the market, but a little extra saturation and contrast will hopefully gain the edge.


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  1. That top picture of the abbey is fantastic, i would like to use it on my Whitby Guide website if possible http://www.thewhitbyguide.co.uk, can you let me know under what terms you would let me use that picture? I would be willing to link back to your blog or write an article on your work if you would like? There are several other Whitby images that i would like to use so if you could get in touch that would be great, many thanks, Tom

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