Taking Stock – Scotland & Spain

Images of people far outsell any other subjects I submit to agencies.  However, just under a year ago I took a short trip to Scotland and shot a few landscapes.   These have sold pretty well over the past few months and gained a couple of awards.  All the Scotland images were captured over a period of about half an hour, just after sunrise – the light was fantastic!  I have also added one other image (above), shot in Northern Spain under similar lighting conditions. You can’t always hang around for perfect conditions, especially since accruing profitable stock sales relies on submitting quantity as well as quality. However, these examples support my point that if you can find a way to create images that in some way stand out from the competition, you are sure to achieve greater sales.  All photos captured with a Nikon D2x, Nikon 18-200 vr lens, handheld.  (for further information on Stock Photography, see my published article).


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