When on holiday, shoot stock!

I consider stock photography to be an on-going shoot and a part of my everyday life, especially as it is becoming a significant part of my income.  I am constantly thinking of ideas for images that might sell, often planning shoots in depth and taking in to consideration all the ingredients required to create saleable images.  Such ingredients might include the right kind of model, location, props, lighting style, etc. Usually, this kind of planning pays off and I manage to produce a few regular selling images from each shoot.

However, I have found that successful stock imagery can also be created from virtually any situation that is typical of everyday life.  Even my holidays have become busy ‘stock shoots’ and when away you will never catch me relaxing on a sun bed reading the latest best-selling novel.

During a recent holiday to Corfu, I did shoot the usual travel subjects, but also spent time photographing my family involved in typical holiday activities.  I am expecting these images to outsell the travel shots, which is generally an over-saturated market, but that remains to be seen.

After sifting through the numerous images I had produced whilst away, I realised there was one important shot I did forget to capture – the one of my wife on a sun bed reading the latest best-selling novel.  It may well have become one of my best-selling images!

All images were shot with a Nikon D2x, 18-200 vr or 12-24 lens.  I used fill-in flash with a Nikon Sb800 on some images and a polarizing filter on others. To see more images, go to Alamy.com and keyword ‘Corfu thraves’ in the search panel, or just ‘thraves’ to see general stock work.


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