Body beautiful – custom lighting the nude figure

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With so many photographers around these days (or at least, digital shooters) it is more important than ever to try something different in order to stand out from the crowd.  If I have time, I always try to experiment with unusual camera angles and alternative lighting techniques, but normally do not have this luxury when shooting commissioned work. Also, the client often has fixed ideas of what they want, leaving the photographer little room for creative freedom.  This is why I love shooting stock photography or for myself – there are no restrictions!

When my friend Andrea and I agreed to do a nude shoot, I stopped to think what we could do to create something with a distinctive slant.  I definitely didn’t want the results to look like glamour photos.  It struck me that since Andrea regularly practiced Yoga, a nude Yoga shoot would be the answer – at least the final images would mean something to her, plus she had the ability to twist in to all sorts of extreme postures that would put the average person in hospital.

All these images were shot in Andrea’s dining room against some excellent pale blue painted floorboards.  I had very little space for lights, but managed to position two Elinchrom 400 flash heads to the left of her and could just about light her from behind to create an excellent rim light and show the form of Andrea’s body.  The second light was used to illuminate the wall and sometimes a honey combe grid was positioned in front of the flash to prevent stray light from illuminating the entire room.

A notable difference to normal flash photography – I often use ‘black wrap’ or ‘cenefoil’ instead of a snoot to concentrate light in a specific area, in this case the back wall.  This material is used in the film/tv world and is like thick black tin foil.  The beauty of ‘black wrap’ is that you can clip it round the flash head and shape it however you like.  As for camera settings, the shutter was set at 1/160 of a sec, aperture between f11 and f14 for all the images.  Camera – Nikon D2x, lens – Nikon 18-200vr and Nikon 12-24 dx.  All images were initially shot RAW.  Watch this space – more images to follow shortly!

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