…and here it is – ‘Life Changing’

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Above is the final image of a year long project, that started as a nude shot at the tale end of a yoga shoot (see previous blog entry) and became a series of three images as a result of finding out the model was pregnant.  I always prefer to shoot images that evoke an emotion, make a statement, or tell some kind of story and the image set above does exactly that.

The original image by itself (the first one on the left) has been done many times before and isn’t really anything special.  However, to create a series that shows the model in the same location, but as a kind of time lapse became a far more interesting project and a challenging one at that – especially since I had not recorded any notes relating to the first shot (as I didn’t realise it would become a series at that stage) and for the final image to work, all three photographs had to be matched up in terms of lighting, pose and composition.  I think the title ‘Life Changing’ speaks for itself.  Clearly, there is a change in the model’s body, but also having a baby is a life changing event.

The images were produced using a Nikon D2x camera, Nikon 18mm Lens and a single Elinchrom flash head with honeycomb and softening material placed in front of the light source.  Barn doors were also used to prevent light escaping to areas where it wasn’t required.

To view more images by Ian Thraves, click here to view a Flickr slideshow


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