Low-key lighting (pregnant nude)

Low-key lighting is a technique where normally only one light source is utilised and can be a fantastic way to create images of the nude body without revealing too much.  In addition, because only selected areas of the subject are illuminated, the lighting can be controlled to achieve a far more flattering image than, for example, a more typical soft frontal lighting.  This image was created on location in a dining room.  A black drape was placed over a hanger to act as a background and the lightsource was a single Elinchrom studio flash, modified with a small softbox.  ‘Barn doors’ were used to prevent the light from straying on to the background or from creating lens flare and the light was positioned roughly 45 degrees behind the model, Lisa.   Keep watching this space – more images from this shoot will be added to my blog as I complete them. Camera – Nikon D2x, 18-200 vr Nikon lens.  Assisted by Andrea.

The image below was shot using natural window light.


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  1. Gerry Walden says:

    Nice one Ian. BTW, I picked this up through ‘Link-In’ blog link. Off to shoot jazz for a couple of days now. Have a great week.

  2. admin says:

    hi Gerry. Jazz sounds good – have a good time!

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