Holiday – what holiday?

A recent family vacation to Corfu and I thought I’d be laying my camera to rest for a couple of weeks. Not so, only two days in to the holiday and I discovered from a Greek local that in a matter of hours an important annual event was due to commence, hosted by the residents of the small and picturesque fishing town of Kassiopi. For me, this was a great opportunity to shoot some interesting stock photography.

This religious celebration, known as ‘Panigiria’, is actually a daylong ancient Greek festival. It commenced at the small church of Kassiopi, where a large procession led by bearded Greek Orthodox Priests, slowly made its way around the village, stopping periodically for moments of prayer. Locals and tourists alike crowded the streets to watch the parade march by. Once arriving back at the church, candles were lit and bread shared out amongst those participating in religious tradition.

The evening event was a little less somber. Everyone was encouraged to feast from the many street barbeques and to join in with the customary ‘circle dancing’ hosted by Greek men and women in traditional dress. Finally, a climatic firework display lit up the sky and completed the celebration sometime around midnight. This was a day when a town normally known for its tranquility became a bustling street party and place of life and atmosphere – and a day when the temperature peaked at over 40 degrees!

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All images were captured with a Nikon D2x and 18-200 vr Nikon lens. A nikon SB800 flash was used for most of the night shots.


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  1. Tony france says:

    Hi Ian
    I have experienced these cultural salubrious activities on many occasions during the Five years of living in the angelic island of Corfu. Participation in such events is an experience to savour. Capturing the essenence is difficult during the hight of activity without detriment to the moment……..Enjoyed every image …..thanks for igniting the memories.
    Tony france

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