Shooting on the fly

James Pritchard (Pro Rugby player – Bedford Blues)    Click any image for larger view

Recent commercial shoots have taken me up and down the country, from Bedford to Chester to Hartlepool – all in one week! Planning the shoot around the client’s brief is essential and I have therefore developed a list containing a generic location studio kit, which should cover me for every eventuality. Sometimes I may be setting up studio in an empty hotel room, other times hiring a professional well-equipped studio. Either way, it’s always a good idea to carry with you as much of your own kit as possible, otherwise you just might be without that essential piece of equipment that’s required to create that million dollar shot. Aside from the all-important lighting kit, simple things like Gaffa tape and bulldog clips can be the less obvious items you need for that time saving quick-fix.

Me with James Pritchard

Me with James Pritchard

The main image above of professional rugby player James Pritchard, was taken in a small hotel room in Bedford. On the day we shot around 200 images in 3 hours and many different poses and lighting set ups were required by the client. Some shots were dark and moody, others high-key on a white background and full-length. The shots were commissioned for a charity advertising campaign, details of which will be revealed at a later date, along with example finished images.

After a smaller job for a design company at a college in Chester, my assistant Andrea and I travelled up to Hartlepool to photograph Channel 4’s ‘Deal Or No Deal’ contestant, Shaun Webb. This time we were in a well-equipped studio, but finding you’re short of the right kind of light modifier, essential prop or coloured backdrop can present you with unnecessary stress on the day.  When your main goal is to fulfill the client’s brief as closely as possible, I try to leave nothing to chance, so taking along a back-up kit to every shoot is always preferable.


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