Going, going, gone: Latest shoot in Sussex

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A recent overnight photo shoot took me to Billingshurst in West Sussex, where I was assigned to shoot Jonathan Pratt, Managing Director of Bellmans Auctioneers and star of BBC 1’s Bargain Hunt.  The location was a four hour Journey away from my home near Manchester, but thankfully it was a smooth one, no traffic jams or delays of any kind, not even on the notorious M25 around London.  We arrived at our destination an hour ahead of time, which provided my assistant Andrea and I with the perfect opportunity to have a pint in the nearby pub… and do some additional last minute planning. We met Jonathan at around 6pm, the main objective to photograph him for a aforementioned national charity campaign (see previous blog entries) relating to testicular cancer awareness.  The campaign is due to be launched next year.

We unloaded a car full of photo equipment, including cameras, 4 Elinchrom flash heads, reflectors, grids, snoots, flags, laptop, etc, etc.  Luckily, the auction house had it’s own white paper background, so one less item to carry. With a house full of antique props, it wasn’t difficult to create a few interesting environments in which to place Jonathan.  The shoot took around three hours to complete and we came away with around 200 images, most shot to fulfill the client’s brief, but a few additional ideas of our own for good luck.  All shots were created using three Elinchrom flash heads, one large softbox, grids and a snoot and the odd reflector.

As usual, the camera used was a Nikon D2x, predominantly fitted with a 50mm prime standard lens (which works out at around 75mm due to the smaller digital chip size).  Some of the ‘unofficial’ images are revealed here, but the main images were shot for the advertising campaign and will be posted at a future date.


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