First photos shot with Nikon D3x for Checkum

A quick trip down to an East London studio resulted in one of our first Checkum shoots with the Nikon D3x. A camera that yields a 24.5 mp image from a 35mm style DSLR body – fantastic! It was just like using my trusty Nikon D2x but with twice the resolution, a much larger viewing screen at the rear and shutter that sounded sweet every time I pressed the button. When the images were later viewed on my Apple Mac monitor at 100 percent, the detail was simply jaw dropping. As for my client, I think ‘impressed’ isn’t a strong enough word. I have used the D3x on two Checkum shoots so far; Jack Tweed (widower of Jade Goody) above and the other will be posted as soon as I get the go-ahead. Keep watching this space!

We have another couple of shoots coming up in the next two weeks and three more celeb’s to blog once the images have been approved. At least the next two shoots will be shot with the D3x. Nikon UK has kindly lent the camera to us in support of the campaign. Lenses I have used with the D3x are all Nikon and include my own 50mm 1.8, 70-200 2.8 vr and finally a 85mm 1.8 that was lent to me by Calumet, Manchester.

For more information about Checkum, please scroll through my blog history where you will find additional information and images that have been previously shot for the campaign.


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