Future Checkum images to be shot on Nikon D3x

Above – Nikon D3x test shot.

Those who have been following my blog posts and Twitter ‘tweets’ will be aware that I have been approaching top camera manufacturers for a higher resolution camera body for use on future Checkum shoots (see previous Checkum blog posts). I am delighted to publish that Nikon UK have responded to my request and will be supporting the campaign by lending their top camera, the Nikon D3x. We will be using the camera on at least the next four Checkum shoots (full details will be posted at a later date). The first shoot will take place in Manchester on the 9th of June followed by another in London on the 10th.

All previous Checkum shoots have been shot with my own Nikon D2x, but since it is planned that the resulting images will appear on large-scale posters, it was decided that a higher resolution camera would be preferable. Although I pondered using medium format bodies, compared to the 35mm style cameras they seemed a little more clumsy and would therefore slow things down on the day. Since the nature of the shoots can be time-pressured, keeping things slick and efficient with celebrity shoots is paramount. Therefore, the D3x was an obvious first choice, especially since it is reported to be the best quality 35mm style SLR camera body on the market today. In future posts, I will be reporting on my experience with the D3x – and I have to say that from taking a few ‘snappy’ test shots I am already impressed. The results look absolutely stunning, especially in terms of detail and sharpness.

The photo above was taken and processed in 15 minutes and was shot in my hallway, which happens to have been stripped of wallpaper recently, hence the plaster backdrop. My six-year-old daughter held one of my Nikon SB900’s to light the background and I held the other whilst also framing the shot – a bit of juggle. We only took about three or four shots, but to my surprise, captured the one above. The camera was in Raw compressed mode and fitted with a Nikon 50mm 1.8 prime lens. Two Nikon SB900 flash units were also used.


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