The story so far – ‘Checkum’ celebrity charity campaign

[slidepress gallery=’checkum’]

The Checkum celebrity Testicular Cancer awareness campaign (sponsored by Macmillan Cancer Support and formerly Nikon UK) is now gathering pace, gaining national recognition and global media attention. I have therefore decided to create a quick blog post hosting a gallery showing the majority of the Checkum posters we have created so far in liaison with my client, Famousmales. An additional celebrity took part in the campaign recently and the poster will be added to my blog very soon.

Sadly, we no longer have Nikon supporting us with their high-resolution D3x camera, which was perfect for the campaign shoots. Should any other camera manufacturer/supplier like to support the campaign in return for a credit on the posters, please contact me. You can see Nikon’s credit on many of the posters in the gallery.


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