Birmingham Royal Ballet – dancing for Checkum!

One of our most demanding Checkum shoots to date took place on location at the Birmingham Hippodrome. In one day we photographed four male and one female artist from the world-famous Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB). Throughout the day, each artist took turns in performing to camera, something they are undoubtedly very used to. However, on this occasion they were required to perform completely nude!

For me, this was an exhausting shoot as I had to capture the moment each performer struck their best move or pose, which was often a sudden dynamic mid-air leap or a spontaneous backward stretch. All this action had to be kept within my relatively simple Elinchrom lighting set-up and pre-focused to capture the sharpest image possible. As usual, Andrea art directed the shoot from our storyboard but we also had many suggestions from the artists themselves, who were in the best position to advise us on what would look most powerful as a final image. All images here were shot with a Nikon D2x and standard 50mm Nikon lens (75mm due to chip size).

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Checkum is an on-going Testicular Cancer awareness campaign involving support from many celebrities (please scroll through my blog history to see other Checkum images). We are looking for support from camera manufacturers/suppliers in return for a credit on the final posters. The existing images have already appeared in the global news press and in magazines, both printed and on-line. We have been using a Nikon D3x (supplied by Nikon UK) for some of our more recent shoots, but soon the camera needs to be returned. We therefore require a similar camera in terms of quality and resolution for future shoots. Please contact me if you are interested in supporting the campaign – Tel: 07802 463315.

Recent article regarding the shoot here.

Keep watching this space for more Checkum news.

Finally, here are some comments relating to recent Checkum shoots!

‘Ian Thraves is such a talented photographer, and the Checkum campaign is encompassing such a variety of guys (and girls) from all sorts of areas of life to emphasise the all important message. Now there is a new subliminal touch – the girls can also do the checking!’

‘The photos from the Ballet Dancers are simply stunning!! Literally works of art, considering the compositions, lighting, poses etc and the ones of the male and female dancers are brilliant! I am seriously impressed by them. Well Done to everyone involved – its photography like that mixed with celebrities that are helping get the message across, and the think the fact the campaign is been covered by mainstream press proves that.’

‘I agree the dancer shots are beautiful.’
‘Stunning indeed. I particularly like the second one of Matthew Lawrence with the female dancer hidden behind him – really creative and eyecatching. Congrats Ian’


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