Britfloyd – A spectacular Liverpool Launch

Shortly after The Classic Rock show (see last blog post), I was back in the pit photographing the Britfloyd launch show, performed to an audience of 6,500 people at the Liverpool Echo Arena. Featuring many of the musical performers from the Australian Pink Floyd Show (TAPFS), musical Director and performer Damian Darlington hosted the biggest and most spectacular Pink Floyd tribute to date. The image above shows two giant inflatable ‘Pink Floydian’ icons that dominated the approach to the arena, a subject of fascination to those passing by.

Photographing in any low-light situation is challenging. Britfloyd specialise in shows that utilise dramatic stage sets lit with flashing multi-coloured lasers, together with an animated projected backdrop. Add subject movement in to the equasion and you have a scenario where it’s necessary to push your camera technique and equipment to their limits in order to capture the action.

I shot these images with a Nikon D700 and predominantly a Nikon 70-200vr 2.8 zoom lens. The ‘fast’ lens helped with focusing in low light but also enabled lower iso camera settings, consequently allowing more detail (and less noise) to be retained in the resulting images. However, I still found on many occasions I was pushing the iso right up to the camera’s limit of 6,400 to retain a shutter speed of 150th to 200th of a second to freeze any subject movement. The other lens used was Nikon’s relatively new 24-300 3.5-5.6 zoom, which I thought would be useless in terms of speed and fast focusing but surprising wasn’t far behind the 70-200 2.8 in performance. The high iso/low noise performance of the Nikon D700 meant I could happily push the iso to very high levels yet not have to worry too much about noise degrading the image.

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