From the pit to fit – all in one week!

Since my last blog entry I was asked to shoot something completely different – promotional photos for Manchester based fitness boot camp Front Line Fit. The image above is a good demonstration of shallow depth-of-field. A long 200 mm zoom lens, coupled with a wide aperture help to isolate the subject from the background, giving the resulting image far greater impact.

I spent a day with a team of guys and girls who knew just how to look after themselves, all displaying physics to make the rest of us feel very guilty.

After enduring a day of non-stop drizzle and rain, I managed to create some interesting images from a bunch that were prepared to brave all the winter elements in the name of health and fitness – and just generally looking very good!

Nearly all images were shot in the rain! The camera’s iso setting was often set to 800 or 1000, required to to enable a shutter speed fast enough to freeze camera shake and subject movement. The camera was hand-held in all photographs. The Nikon D700 camera chip is known for rendering very little noise at high iso’s. It is an essential piece of kit for low-light photography. The final images were outputted using Adobe Lightroom.

Camera – Nikon D700. Lenses – Nikon 70-200, 2.8 vr, Nikon 24-300, 3.5-5.6 vr.

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