Things that go bump in the light

My friend Jenny has featured as a model in many of my images over the past 10 years (see gallery below). As professional artist, Jenny is often game for ‘playing a role’ and shooting images with a twist but this time we had a different agenda, to capture a special moment in Jenny’s life. My aim this time was to create photographs that were a little different but keeping in mind the fact that these particular images would have a personal and emotional value and would be treasured by the couple for a lifetime.

The fist image shows Jenny with partner Nick. This image was shot in studio. I used two Elinchrom flash heads with a soft box and honeycomb light modifier on one head and a snoot on the other. The main key light was positioned at 45 degrees to the models and the second snooted light was positioned behind the models and opposite the key light. This image was captured with a Nikon D700 set to iso 200. The lens used was a Nikon 70-200 2.8 vr with an aperture of f13.

The second image  was shot on the stair landing of my house. The background is a bare plaster wall, recently stripped for re-decorating. There was a small window to the left of Jenny and the final image was lit entirely by this natural and diffused light source. Due to very low light, the ISO setting on the camera was set to 5000, which with most cameras would render an image far too ‘noisy’ for use. However, the D700 is one of the best cameras on the market for low light and has opened new doors regarding capturing images in very low light. I now rely much less on the need for a flash or a tripod to capture quality images in low light. The lens used in this case was a much slower Nikon 28-300 vr. The aperture was set to F5.6 and the shutter to 1/125th of a second. The images were processed using Adobe Lightroom 3.

Below is a gallery of other photos Jenny and I have shot together in the past. Click on any image for a clearer view.

All images are owned by Ian Thraves and protected by copyright ©


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