Ian’s nude image wins BIPP silver award

Portrait of a Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB) Artist.

The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) regional award ceremony was recently held in Liverpool during the first weekend of April 2011. Although I couldn’t attend this year I was delighted to learn that I had won a silver award for one of two images that were entered in to the Portrait category. The image of a Birmingham Royal Ballet performer was shot on location in Birmingham with very limited equipment – a Nikon D2x, 50mm lens, three Elinchrom studio flash heads and a portable paper background. There was no way to blackout the room, so much of the lighting effects were guesswork and the test shots were judged with reference to the image on the back of the camera. I always aim to create images that are a little out of the ordinary in the hope that they will grab more attention, especially with so much competition out there these days. The unusual twist in the case of this image is the confusion of arms and legs wrapped around the performer’s body that appear to come from nowhere (provided by the model’s wife, also a BRB performer). That, added to the fact that the dancer is nude adds a little extra intrigue to the image.

The original image was shot for a national celebrity testicular cancer awareness campaign known as ‘Checkum’. More information and images related to the campaign can be found on my blog here.

Click image for a larger view.


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