Boxing shoot – Round two!

As a result of some encouraging comments from a magazine editor who happened to stumble upon my blog (see the comments below my last blog entry), I responded by adding in a few more action images to the boxing theme I’ve been shooting recently. The original boxing images had been created for two purposes – one for portfolio and the other for stock.

When drumming up ideas for stock images, I try to think of concepts that depict a visual story. Stock images don’t necessarily have to be realistic; they are not supposed to be documentary photographs. More importantly, a good stock image should portray a typical everyday life situation that’s obvious enough to be interpreted by global markets, regardless of language and culture. I often show my kids images from my stock shoots and ask them what’s happening in the photograph. If they can interpret the ‘story’ behind the image correctly, there is a good chance those images will make good sales.

Shot for stock agency purposes – ‘battle of the sexes’.

As explained in my last post, during the previous boxing shoot we suffered an accident with one of my Elinchrom studio flash heads, which brought the shoot to a halt before we’d completed our shooting list. So the models (who all box for real – they were not faking it) and I decided we’d rendezvous a second time at Northside boxing club in Manchester, so we could carry on where we left off.

Prior to shooting round two, I had a bit of thinking to do. I hadn’t had time to repair the broken Elinchrom flash that plummeted to the ground in round one. Left with only two studio flash heads, I spent some time the day before the shoot working out whether I could get my two Nikon SB900 Speedlights to synchronise with the Elinchrom’s. After many test shots, I found that the auto pre-flash from the Nikon’s triggered the Elinchrom’s  (via the built in slave) too early, so all flashes were not working together as a team. Finally, I tried the Nikon flashes in their manual setting and suddenly all flashes were synchronising perfectly. So much for all that technology – I went totally back to basics by switching off all that sophisticated functionality. It was like going back 20 years to times when things were simple!

For those interested in stock photography, I have an on-going article published in the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2012 (publisher – A& C Black) that focuses on the subject. You can find this in the UK in the reference section of most libraries, or it can be purchased online at Amazon.

Camera – Nikon D700, shot with Elinchrom and Nikon SB900 Speedlight flash. Lens – Nikon 24-300 VR and  Nikon 70-200/2.8 VR. Make-up – Sadaf Saeed.

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4 Responses to “Boxing shoot – Round two!”

  1. Mac says:

    Real nice. Do you have any more to post. Knockout pictures would be nice.

  2. Patrick says:

    Greetings from Germany… Very very nice pictures. I like women boxing and i am a big fan. It is a nice idea for knockout pics or more mouthguard pics for example in the breaks you can make very nice shots when you put out the mouthguard :-)

    Best Regards

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