Greater Manchester Marathon Photos – 2012

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On the day of the Greater Manchester¬†Marathon 2012, Manchester lived up to its reputation and delivered one of the wettest and windiest days I’ve ever struggled to work in. I’d received a commission from Runner’s World magazine to cover the event and despite the driving rain and sometimes very low light conditions, I managed to crack off numerous images of those taking part in five separate locations. These locations fell between Old Trafford football ground and Dunham Massey. After half an hour in the rain I was absolutely drenched and at one point, very cold.

This was despite equipping myself with layers of fleece and Gore-Tex. The camera and lens, along with the camera bag were soaked through too, yet my trusty Nikon D700 and 70-200mm 2.8 Nikon lens, plus SB900 flash never failed me. I was actually surprised, considering all my equipment suffered virtually the same treatment as being placed under a running tap! A fellow photographer informed that one of his cameras had ‘packed in’ under the severe conditions, presumably due to water entering the electrics. This was a top-selling model in the professional range too.

After enduring hours of non-stop rain, I forced myself to the finishing line and managed to ‘scoop’ comedian, Steve Coogan (and brother) completing the 26 mile course. To see the full gallery of images, click here. The images are unedited, so there are lots!

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  1. Ian,

    Great shots under difficult and uncontrollable circumstances. I have a similar ‘drenched camera’ story after photographing a sponsored climb up Snowdon with my Nikon D3 safely carried up during 4 hours of relentless and driving Welsh rain, in a dedicated camera rucksack.

    I managed to get shots at the top of the successful climbers in a deluge and then followed the descent and refuge in the hotel at the foot of the mountain to get a group shot of the survivors. Oh no! Drenched camera misted up in warm muggy atmosphere and the electrics totally shorted out. Result – a complete write off. Apparently, I should have let it dry out naturally!! Lesson learned!

    • ianthraves says:

      Hi Beccy, hope all’s well! I had trouble with mist on one of the variable aperture zooms I was using, presumably due to the zooming barrel allowing water in. The fixed aperture 70-200, F2.8 seemed to stay completely water tight though, along with the camera body. I did a shoot last night and it still all works! Take care, Ian

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