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I am currently in the process of building a specialist portfolio related to Health, Fitness and Sports photography and recently completed a studio shoot involving Triathlete, Alison. Initially, the plan was to create a set of images with impact which could double as portfolio shots, as well as be used for stock purposes. As usual, I started by researching images on the web; from which I created a mood board in order to springboard my ideas. I then sent the mood board over to Alison so that she could check my ideas accurately represented the sport.

The three images featured here have so far been uploaded to Facebook and 500 pix, as well as Twitter and Flickr, and as a result I have been asked by a number of people how the images were created in terms of lighting. Gaining this kind of feedback using social media is a great way to establish which images are most popular and consequently consider for use on my website and in my printed portfolio. It seems that the darkest image at the top of this page is so far receiving the most compliments, especially evident when analysing the numerous responses received on 500 pix.

To respond to the requests via social media, I have generated a diagram to show my lighting set up for the first image at the top of this page. I will be posting more images in the near future.



Lighting: Three Bowens Gemini 500 flash heads, two strip soft boxes and one honeycomb grid modifier.

Camera: Nikon D810

Lens: Nikon 85mm/1.4 lens

All images subject to copyright Ian Thraves ©


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