Photo Shoot for BBC2 Sitcom, Boy Meets Girl!


Photo released by the BBC

Back in January 2015, I purchased the Nikon D810 and within days of owning this state-of-the-art high-resolution camera I received a commission to shoot images for the BBC2 sitcom, Boy Meets Girl. The brief was to photograph two models and in combination, produce highly artistic images of an unusual nature that could be used for display in an art gallery scene featured in episode 3.

Previous to owning the Nikon D810, I would have been concerned about using a DSLR to create such huge images as required by the brief. However, the D810 handled the job perfectly, closely matching the quality of larger format cameras I’ve used in the past.

Currently, I am unable to showcase the images until they have been aired. However, if you get chance to catch up with episode 3 of this ‘ground-breaking’ transgender sitcom, see if you can spot which images you think are mine – the clue being that they are highly unusual!


Episode 3 of Boy Meets Girl has now been aired and here are some of the images used in the gallery scene.

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Post-manipultion by Gavin Lewis


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