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Workflow – After the shoot

Workflow - After the shoot

Once you’ve completed a photo shoot it’s vital that all images are backed-up as soon as possible. It’s possible for memory cards to be lost, damaged or corrupted and I have witnessed this myself, especially in the case of SD cards! Of course some cameras now have dual memory card slots, allowing you to write images to two […]


Workflow – Planning a successful photo shoot

Workflow - Planning a successful photo shoot

Whether paid, or not when organising a photo shoot I always plan as much as I can beforehand in an effort to ensure the outcome will be as successful as possible. The Brief Most photography briefs received from my commercial clients don’t provide a great deal of detail and are usually delivered by email. In […]

Portrait lighting: keeping it simple!

Portrait lighting: keeping it simple!

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking we need to utilise multiple flash heads to achieve professional lighting results but this is not always true. Much depends on the effect you are aiming to achieve and often there is a lot to be gained from keeping your lighting simple. After all, when shooting outdoors we […]